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Vaccinations and Annual Health Checks

Some vaccinations need to be done every year, whereas other vaccinations may be done every second year.  However if you are opting to vaccinate biennially then we still recommend an annual health check in between years.  Remember that one year of your dog or cat's life equates to 7 human years in terms of aging and disease onset, so waiting two years between vet visits is the same as a human waiting 14 years between visits to the doctor.

How does vaccination work?

Vaccination does not cure disease - it helps prevent it by preparing the body's own immune system. 


A vaccine contains a virus or bacterium that has been specially altered so that it doesn't cause disease.  When your pet receives a vaccine, its immune system is stimulated to produce substances called antibodies that will work against the virus or bacterium that cause the disease.  Later, should your pet be exposed to infection from that particular disease, he or she will have the antibodies ready to quickly destroy the disease-causing agent.

It's important to understand that once your pet has been vaccinated the protection provided by that vaccine will gradually decline.  Therefore, regular booster vaccinations are recommended, along with regular health checks.  

Please note that your pet will also receive a general health check along with it's vaccination.  This is included in the price of the vaccination.

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