Family Planning

Spey, Castration, Neutering

Whether it is a female being speyed or a male being castrated, both procedures fall under the umbrella terms of "desexing" or "neutering".


There are a lot of advantages to desexing your pets, whether they are males or females, or whether they are cats, dogs, or rabbits.

  • Desexing will stop unwanted pregnancies

                         - There are a lot of unwanted cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies out there

                           that are already desperately struggling to find homes.


  • Desexing will help stop wandering in search of mates

                         - When your pet wanders he or she is at risk of getting lost, getting into

                           fights with the neighbours, getting hit on the road, or being impounded.


  • Desexing will reduce unwanted aggression and territorial behaviours

                         - Urine spraying and territorial marking is never fun to clean up.

                         - Castrating your tom cat at an early enough age will also help reduce

                           the distinctive odour associated with uncastrated male urine

If you are planning on starting a new fur-family, then we are here to support you throughout your cat or dog's pregnancy.  If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to call us on 544 2604