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Consultations & Health Checks

It is important to have your pet checked regularly to ensure he or she in in top condition.  Many diseases or problems can be prevented or treated early by having an annual health check

Your pet will receive a health check when it comes in for vaccination; but in cases where your cat or dog is only vaccinated every second year, we still recommend annual health checks.  Remember that a single year of a dog or cat's life equates to 7 human years in terms of aging and disease onset, so waiting two years between vet visits is the same as a human waiting 14 years between visits to the doctor. 

An annual health check is also a good time for you to touch base with your veterinarian while they give your furry friend a general health examination and check that no major changes have occurred since the last time that you both came down to the clinic.  

If your dog or cat is coming down to see us, then while you are in consult feel free to ask the vet about checking his or her anal glands or clipping their nails.  These services are free when done at the same time as a health check or vaccination. 

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