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Petware & Accessories 

We stock a variety of petware and accessories including:

  • Cat collars

  • Dog collars & leads

  • Cat & dog harnesses

  • Name tags

  • Cat & dog treats

  • Shampoos & Conditioners

  • Grooming accessories

  • Nail care accessories

  • Microchip cat flaps & pet doors (SureFlap)

  • Cat cages & carry boxes

  • A range of interactive dog and cat toys, including brands like Planet Dog, West Paw, Puller, LickiMat and more!

If we don't have what you are looking for in stock, then we will be happy to order it in or help you look for it.

Microchip Pet Doors

Microchip Cat Doors

If you find yourself feeding every cat in the neighbourhood or entertaining the local stray cat population in your living room every night, then a microchip cat door may be a great solution for you.  

We stock the SureFlap range of microchip cat & pet doors.  These work by scanning your pets' microchip, meaning that only your pets can enter.   Animals that have not been microchipped or have not had their unique microchip number programmed into the door will not be able to enter.  

Creating a stress free environment inside your home can help prevent unwanted stress, urine spraying or territory marking, and can certainly cut down on your pet food bill.

Grey Tabby_door.jpg

The microchip Cat Flap will work for most cats and allows only your cats to enter. The Pet Door will work for larger cats and small dogs.  The Pet Door also has additional functions sure as allowing you to set a curfew.


Check out the Pet Door in the video down below:

SureFlap Pet Door

SureFlap Pet Door

Play Video

For more information about any of the microchip scanning products visit the SureFlap website or phone us on 544 2604 to find out more.  

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