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Puppy Preschool

Do you want a perfect pet or a perfect pest?

So you've picked up the newest member of your family, either that or you're about to.  Puppies are a lot of fun.  They add quality to family life and provide 10-15 years of love, loyalty, and friendship.  However, left to their own devices may well result in mishaps, mayhem, and mischief; leading to a lifetime of frustration, destruction, and possibly neighbourly friction.

So how do you give your puppy the best start?

Set boundaries, reward confident, relaxed behaviour, and ignore attention seeking behaviours. 

We run Puppy Preschools which provide socialisation, beginners' obedience, and behavioural training basics for puppies aged 7-14 weeks.  The program consists of a 3 weeks course usually held on a Monday night from 6:15pm to 8:00pm. 

The aims of the course are to:

  • Socialise puppies with adults, children and other dogs to avoid behavioural problems later in life.  We encourage confident, relaxed puppies that respect people and other dogs. 

  • Teach about normal dog behaviours in conjunction with how to recognise and avoid early behavioural problems.

  • Expose puppies to different experiences and noises to they are well adapted and make pleasurable pets.

  • Teach puppies basic obedience commands such as "come", "sit", "drop", and "stay". 

  • Learn how to toilet train puppies and how to control mouthing, jumping up, chewing furniture, timidness, and aggression. 

There are many benefits to having a puppy who has graduated from Puppy Preschool.  For example:

  • A well socialised dog you can take anywhere. 

  • A confident, well mannered dog that is relaxed around children and accustomed to different noises, i.e. thunder and fireworks. 

On completion of the course, your puppy receives a graduation pack which consists of a flea treatment, food vouchers, and a few other goodies.  

One of the biggest benefits we see is a dog who can't wait to get in the door to the clinic.  This is opposed to the all-too-familiar four legged brake and drag (by the scruff of the neck) through the door that we have occasionally witnessed in the past.  

We recommend follow up with a dog obedience club or schools for older puppies/adults.  At dog obedience, puppies and dogs alike get further training and opportunities to thrive while doing activities like dog agility.  

Puppies must have at least had their first vaccination and be following a vaccination program.

Please note children are welcome to attend, though from experience we have found that younger children struggle to concentrate for this length of time. 

Contact reception on 544 2604 to enrol your puppy and family in our next course.  Make sure you book early to avoid the disappointment of missing out on the next available course. 

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