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Cat Vaccinations

The standard cat vaccination protects against feline enteritis and the two main causes of snuffles: calicivirus and rhinoenteritis.

Vaccination is recommended in order to keep your cat healthy and disease-free.  Vaccination is required in order to check your cat into a cattery or pet boarding facility.

How does it work?


When your cat or kitten is vaccinated for the first time, an initial course of two injections 3-4 weeks apart is needed. Typically the first injection is given at 8 or 9 weeks of age, and the second at 12 weeks of age.  The kitten needs to be 12 weeks or older at the time of the second injection.

The age at which the initial course is given can very depending on the age of the kitten when he or she joins your family. 

A previously unvaccinated adult cat beginning a vaccination course for the first time will also require two injections 3-4 weeks apart.

Yearly vaccinations

To maintain immunity we advise that your cat receive a vaccination booster one year (12 months) after the initial course of vaccinations.  After this your cat may be vaccinated every second year, though there are some instances where you cat may continue to receive a vaccination every year.  Some boarding kennels or catteries require that vaccinations be done every year - it is worthwhile checking this out with your regular kennel or cattery. 

If the time between annual or biennial boosters exceeds 3 years, the initial vaccination course will need to be started from scratch - so it is important yo keep vaccinations up to date!

Feline AIDS


Cats can also be vaccinated against Feline AIDS.  This is not includes in the standard cat vaccine and requires a separate course of vaccines.  This can be given at the same time as the standard cat vaccine.  Feel free to contact us (or your own local veterinarian) to discuss the Feline AIDS vaccine. 

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