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Cat Grooming

Knots, matted hair, biddy-bids, conifer leaves and dags are all enemies of your cats coat; however explaining this to your cat is somewhat difficult.  Many cats won't let their owners near them with a brush, adding to the problem.  And then there's dear Fluffy who used to keep her coat in pristine condition but now doesn't appear to care less... 

Before you know if, your cat looks more like our merino friend, Shrek. 

Here at the Welcome Bay Vet Clinic, each cat is clipped as if he/she were our own, and we take great pride in our grooming. A light anaesthetic is used to ensure a stress free visit.  This anaesthetic can be reversed, which usually means a relatively quick recovery.  However, we still advise you to keep your cat indoors until the next morning, post grooming.  We don't groom without sedation because we believe it's not fair on the cat.  This requires you cat to have had nothing to eat or drink the morning of the procedure. 

Our more senior feline friends may struggle to groom themselves as they get older due to arthritis.  And then there's the overweight cat who just can't reach anymore...

A matted coat can be very uncomfortable for the cat as it can irritate the skin, and creates the perfect home for fleas.  The longer the cat is left like this, the more uncomfortable he/she becomes, and the harder it is for us to clip the cat's coat.  Be very careful if considering cutting the knots out yourself as the knots can be very close to the skin.  We have had a few mortified owners bringing in their cat with large gashes to be stitched up, and then groomed as well.  

There is definitely a difference in the cat's demeanour post groom; it's great to see them feeling a lot better and able to clean themselves properly once more. 

If your cat is prone to matting, bring him/her in before it gets too bad - we have a few feline friends who come in annually for a clip off just before they are too badly matted.  This produces a much better end result, and also costs less than having to shear a cat that is matted from head to toe. 

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