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Winter Wellness for our pets

As the temperature starts to drop, us and our pets will start to feel the cold. Here are our top tips for winter wellness for your pets!

WINTER WEIGHT Pets are often prone to gaining a bit of excess weight over the colder seasons. Our dog walks are often rained-off, and our cats spend more time inside staying nice and dry. Its important to encourage daily exercise for our pets even over the colder months. Try playing inside games like hide and seek, or utilizing puzzle feeding toys when the weather outside is too frightful.

Often when we spend more time inside with our pets, we are more likely to dish out treats. This is especially harmful if our pets' energy needs are lowered. You may need to reduce how much you pet is fed everyday. We can tailor a diet plan for your pet. High quality foods can help your pet feel full and reduce overeating or begging. We also have low calorie treats available.

If you're struggling with your pets weight, we offer a free weight management clinic to help get your pet to their ideal weight. Excess weight in pets can cause other health concerns such as diabetes or arthritis, and even lead to an early death. Its best to keep your pet at their ideal weight to ensure a long healthy life for our four-legged family members.


With our pets indoors, and our homes keep nice and warm all year round, we highly recommend keeping your pets flea treated all year long.

Choose a vet recommended product that is the correct size for your pet and ensure every pet in the household is treated. Ensure you apply the treatments correctly and as frequently as recommended on the packaging. Our nurses can apply flea and worm treatments for you at a small cost. Come in and chat to our friendly team to work out which treatment is best for your pet.


Arthritis is common in our older cats and dogs, and just like with people, can become more obvious in the cooler months. If your pet is slower or struggling to do the things they usually would, like getting out of bed or jumping up, it could be a sign of arthritis. We have a range of options used to help arthritis. Its best to book in a consultation with a Vet to create a plan for your pet.


During July 2021, we are offering a winter wellness package for $130 for our senior pets, including a full examination with a veterinarian, a blood test to screen for issues regarding the kidney, liver and diabetes, and a flea and worm treatment. Give us a call on 075442604 to book your pet in. Terms and conditions apply.


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